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About us

Peacock Relocations provides services that many need but few offer in Victoria,


With our experience in relocations to Victoria, we know that people moving

need much more than just finding a home to rent or buy.


Our services focus on helping you to quickly and smoothly settle in.


Our team

We understand the needs of those who relocate.

Together we have moved to and lived in many homes around the world.

Veronika Peacock

Having moved around the world, I am familiar with the needs of those moving far from one's homeland. With my 20 years in account and project management, I enjoy seeing the happy results of a job well done.

Jerome Peacock

After much travel and now 15 years' experience in Victoria real estate and relocations, I take much pleasure in working with and helping others establish a new home. It is a job that I love.

Veronika's homes

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, I have also lived in Italy, Japan, California, and now Victoria, BC

I speak English, Czech, Italian, and some Japanese. 

Jerome's homes

I was born in the US and lived in Southern and Northern California, Hawaii, Pakistan, the Czech Republic, and Victoria.

I speak English and Czech. 

Our promise

It's pretty simple: we treat you like our good neighbours, because you will be them. Victoria at its best is a community of people that looks out for each other.  You can know that we are your trusted local connection—and that our relationship might be lifelong!

Contact us today.

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