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A villa from the outside
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Finding Your Home

  • Discuss your needs and budget

  • Advise on areas, neighbourhoods, local amenities, schools

  • Survey current rentals, present options

  • Communicate with landlords

  • Video call visits of homes with you

  • Advise on pros, cons, and price

  • Pickup and hold keys for your arrival

Moving In & Setting Up

  • Assist with utilities, internet etc

  • Hire cleaners

  • Prep for immediate Covid quarantine including food and necessities

  • Sourcing and delivery of kitchen items, bedding, furniture, etc.

  • Liaise with movers, storage

  • Help sourcing quality suppliers and service professionals

  • Advice on healthcare, driver license, vehicle import, banking, language classes, etc.

Getting Oriented

  • One-on-one exploration and orientation of Greater Victoria, the lifestyle, and the amenities you seek

  • Personally accompanying and assisting with bureaucracy, registrations, etc. (particularly for non-native English speakers)


Fees are hourly at $95 per hour.*


Half of your relocation fees will be reimbursed if and when you buy a home at any time with the Peacock Real Estate Group. Ask for details.

For information on homes for sale and buying real estate, go to PeacockRealEstate.ca

* Fees do not include requested expenditures or applicable GST.​

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